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S  H  A  R  C

Cloud Based Canine Hydrotherapy  & Rehabilitation Management Software

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Water Management

Such an important part of running a canine hydrotherapy centre - SHARC allows you to record all the regulatory details required for each water test ensuring your water is at the optium quality.


SHARC allows you up to 8 separate calendars for example Pool, Treadmill, Laser & Grooming + 4 more. Of course they can be used for whatever you like. The diary allows you to go straight to taking payment or entering the treatment records for the client.

  • Simple but effective system navigation and user interface design eliminates the need for dedicated training sessions and promotes ease of use and maintainability.

  • Rigorous data entry checks provide assurance that all information entered is completely valid and error free, giving you peace of mind on the integrity of your data.

  • Reporting is a key element for any business. Reports can be generated to extract information to provide statistical analysis on clients, retail products, vet referrals, patient attendance records or any other aspect of data held in your system. This can aid in quickly identifying those areas to target for example when building a marketing campaign.


There are many options to configure SHARC so that it fits into your business and your operation seamlessly. The system settings module allows you to personalise your system just the way you want it.

Appointment Booking

When booking an appointment you can decide which diaries you want the session to book out and what equipment to be used. You can also book the same appointment for a number of weeks in one go. Appointments can be automatically emailed to client after entry and reminders sent.

Client Recording

Within the client file you have easy access to all information regarding that particular client. You can view and add treatment records, case history, view payment history and take payment, view associated documents and lots more...

Treatment Recording

This allows you to specify exactly what treatment was given specifying what equipment was used as well as swimming aids and drying methods. You can also duplicate the last entry for quickness and edit it specifically for that session.

Point Of Sale & Account Management

When entering a payment intelligence in built in pre-selecting which service needs to be paid for. Client payments can be taken there and then or put onto their account to paid for at a later date.


SHARC enables you to report & print virtually any aspect of data from Account Statements to Hydrotherapy History to the Daily Diary. Many reports can help in identifying key clients and veterinary practices.

Measurement Charts

A new feature in SHARC is the ability to see all measurements taken for a client over time in tabular and chart form. This is especially useful to include in vet reports to show  progress made with weight loss or muscle mass gained for example.


The dashboard shows all appointments for the day and allows payments and treatments to be recorded straight from the dashboard. It also shows when you have forgotten to record payments and treatments records ensuring your records are kept up to date.

Email & SMS Reminders

SHARC incorprates both Email and SMS reminders so that your clients never forget their appointments. You can configure when they are sent between 1-3 days in advance of an appointment.

Referral History & Treatment Planning

Easily record the patient's history, who they have been referred from and for what conditions. Record medical history, vet diagnosis, short term and long term treatment plans plus much more...

Documents, Photos & Videos Upload

Store your patients documents, photos and videos straight to their file so they are easily accessible when you need them. Photo's and Videos can be taken straight from your phone or tablet and uploaded in real time.

Block Bookings

SHARC takes care of your block booking services by counting down how many sessions the client has left on their block payment so you know exactly when their block has come to end.